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Winery Visit and Tasting of Antão Vaz Wines

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Learn more about this grapevine variety, its characteristics and the reasons why is it regarded as one of the most emblematic varieties of the Vidigueira municipality in the Alentejo. Broaden your oenological knowledge by joining the guided tour of the winery and cellar. Round off the tour with an exclusive guided tasting of our Antão Vaz wines, experience the range of expressions this variety has to offer, and discover the differences between the wines produced using this very special grapevine variety. Wine tasting: 1 Guadalupe white wine and 2 Antão Vaz varietals. Includes a visit to the winery and Art Centre. Open to visitors from everyday  at 11 am, 3 pm and 5 pm except on Tuesdays.
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    Apartado 19 7960-909

    Vidigueira Portugal

    Lat: 38.223767 | Long: -7.8272366,15.54z

    T +351 284 441 618 |

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