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Quetzal Visit – From the Vineyards to the Glass

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The schistous slopes near the Cerro do Mendro in the Serra de Portel range and the microclimate of the area create unique conditions for the production of distinctive Quetzal wines. Wander through the vineyards and acquaint yourself first hand with the very particular Quinta do Quetzal terroir and discover the secrets of wine production in the modern Quetzal winery. End this “vineyard to wine glass” experience by accepting our invitation to a convivial lunch in our restaurant. We bring the best of the Alentejan cuisine to the table with tasty contemporary flourishes from Chef Pedro Mendes, and all dishes expertly paired with selected Quetzal wines. Includes tour of the vineyards, winery, Art Centre and lunch paired with wine. Complimentary bottle of Guadalupe wine. Tours everyday at 12.00 a.m. except on Tuesdays.
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    Apartado 19 7960-909

    Vidigueira Portugal

    Lat: 38.223767 | Long: -7.8272366,15.54z

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