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Culinary Workshop

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The idea of good food accompanied by good wine and the images they conjure up are appreciated all the more by those who want to experience the real thing, and discover just what makes up the heart and soul of Alentejan cuisine. Quetzal's kitchen, with a panoramic view over the vineyard, offers you the opportunity to enjoy a private, recreational cooking class specially designed for amateur Chefs. Step by step, accompanied by light-hearted conversations and good wines, you will learn a little of the history of the dishes that are part of Alentejan culture and how to cook them.\r\n\r\nAnd because the best part is to taste what you have learned to prepare, let yourself be amazed by your culinary skills at the end of the workshop, and enjoy the meal you have just made!\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n10 am–12.30 pm\r\n\r\nIncludes lunch of dishes prepared in the workshop, and a visit to the Art Centre\r\n\r\nBookings subject to availability and confirmation\r\n\r\nNumber of participants: minimum 4; maximum 10
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