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2019 Grape Harvesting Program |

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The Quetzal Vindimas 2019 program brings visitors closer to the fascinating reality of wines and their production, from the millennial work that grape varieties and vineyards summon in an almost sacred relationship with the land, relationship that technology and the modern way of life almost made oblivious to men. It is this return to a more genuine feeling what Quinta do Quetzal Vindimas 2019 Program proposes as an EXPERIENCE : the ancestry of wine, a discovered intimacy with life cycles, a journey through its flavors, a different breath to all the good and authentic things the world provides.

Quetzal Vindimas 2019 | Vineyard tour & grape viarieties explanation | Integration on grape harvesting teams | Picnic in the vineyard (traditional snack break "Hora da Bucha") | Guided tour to the winery and winemaking process explanation | Wine tasting directly from the barrels | Wine harmonization lunch at Quetzal Restaurant | IMPORTANT: booking BY APPOINTMENT |Program available from August 19th
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    Vidigueira Portugal

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